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As we gear up for another sultry day tomorrow, I find myself reminiscing about those quaint winter days when it feels much more appropriate to be holed up indoors and hiding from the elements.

I’m remembering a particular winter day, it must have been January or February of 2019. A fiercely cold front was passing through the midwest, taking its time with us. A “polar vortex,” I think they called it. At any event, it was the coldest weather I have experienced yet, and I was enjoying a day at home and no plans to venture beyond the warmth of my front door. I stood in the steaming shower, which I always run as hot as I can stand it, and simply paused in front of the window, gazing out over the crystal-hard white landscape of the backyard, willing myself to soak every bit of thermal energy into my skin and keep it there. A sparkle, or something, led my eye up, just beyond the tree branches, to the open space between trees and space beyond. The air itself had frozen, and was shimmering. I couldn’t take my eyes from it, it was that mesmerizingly beautiful. I can’t ever forget it. It wasn’t the heavier gush of snow blowing off the tree tops, and it wasn’t snowflakes drifting from the clouds—the actual air particles were crystallized. The meteorological term for this rare phenoenon is “diamond dust.” It is an actual thing, and I actually witnessed it happening, and it was unforgettably beautiful.

Don’t believe me? Check out this legit video from the Smithsonian Institute. And if you keep your eyes peeled, you might get to see it someday for yourself!

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Another two days have passed.
What else is there to say?

Sometimes I wonder
How I can have passed so many days already,
When it feels like they will never come to their end.

I’d consider it a success
If, from this point forward
I simply settle into my days passing,
Aging inch by inch here in this little house,
Achieving nothing more of worth in this world.

I have lived so many lives already.
What more could possibly be in store for me?
What else of wonder is there left.

Is it all maintenance from here on out?
All creation accomplished
Or the chance slipped by.
Getting by.
Killing time.
Waiting for the end.

Waiting for something to come along,
Which is the only thing keeping us around.

What else is there to say?

In fifteen years
A garden
A different set of cats
A new collection of lovers
Other jobs under the belt.
Anything else?

A gathering of days,
Hours woven together into some sort of pattern
But not without knots and snags and great, gaping holes.
I have no choice
But to continue adding threads,
Waiting to see what sort of regrettable image
Emerges toward the end.

Or just a tangle of string.

Is there anything left to thrill me?
If there is I cannot see it
I cannot dream it up
Delusional as though I may sometimes be.

I can only beat this path barren.
I can only keep planting each spring,
Writing each evening,

Keep paying each month
Until the debt is forgiven.

Keep reading until all the books are read
And their knowledge forgotten.

Keep eating for the sake of living.
Simply for the sake of breathing through another day,
Another two days.


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The longest night was not the darkest.

Happy Winter Solstice.


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I’m going to be taking a digital vacation for the month of April. That is, I’m going to be stowing away my laptop and focusing on other hobbies and interests for those 30 days. I have been spending far too much time staring at screens lately, and I need a chance to get away and let my mind wander. I need to chase down a little inspiration, and breathe some life back into this existence of mine. One can gather a lot of dust while sitting in front of a computer screen.

But before I go, I would like to post some final late-winter images before the world explodes with green growing things. The promise of a fresh start continues to creep up ever so slowly…

sycamore grove weed flowers new raspberry canes seedlings emerge DSCN2402

See you in May!

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Rambling Robins


Today’s photograph was captured by Jeff, and shows evidence of one of many robins who flew in for their summer vacation yesterday, and are now left hopping about in the snow, searching in vain for a tasty morsel. I’m sure the little guys can fend for themselves, and they don’t look too miserable running around in the winter storm, but I do worry about their fate in the several inches of snow that is predicted to fall overnight. I hope they can manage to find a nice warm place to sleep.

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We stepped out into the balmy air this morning to sunshine and birdsong. Runners and bikers populated the canal trail, and we had our first turtle sighting of the year! It was as if someone had flipped a magical switch saying, “Come on out, spring is here.”

Unfortunately, by noon the temps had dropped again, and we were driven back into the warmth of the house by biting winds and gloomy skies.

*sigh* Oh well.

Now all the kitties are curled up in fuzzy little piles, marking out all the coziest spots to bed down for a nap.

We will have to be content with hibernation for a little bit longer.


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Jerry-rigged Gardening

DSCN2242 I threw together a makeshift cold frame today, using some old storm windows that have been lying around in the garage. They fit almost perfectly over the existing bed, with enough space underneath to get some seedlings going before the weather turns for the better. 2013’s first cold season crop is coming soon!DSCN2238

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mystery bird

I’ve seen this guy (or girl?) hanging out on the canal during the past couple of weeks. I’ve looked through lists of Indiana water birds, and I still can’t figure out what it is! It has that weird little beak, it’s tiny compared to the Mallards, and it disappears under water for minutes at a time, popping up in the least expected places.

Any guesses?


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Do you ever stop all of a sudden and look around you and think, “Wow, I really need to get it together”?

That’s how my past few weeks have been.

Granted, I should be celebrating the survival of another winter, this time without losing my mind, but like I’ve said before it’s these last few weeks that are the hardest.

I feel like it’s three weeks til graduation and I just can’t be bothered to get up to go to class anymore.

I broke down and bought strawberries at the grocery store today. They tasted depressing.


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In the interest of creativity, I’ve decided to begin posting (at least) one photograph to my blog each and every day. The only rule is that I have to take the photo on the same day that I post it. Here is the first: a lovely winter grande finale.Rocky Ripple Stow Storm

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