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The heat index rose above 90 for the first time this year. Such a hot day deserves a nice cool image to remind us of what we left behind…


I think I can tolerate a few more months of sweating.

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Do you ever stop all of a sudden and look around you and think, “Wow, I really need to get it together”?

That’s how my past few weeks have been.

Granted, I should be celebrating the survival of another winter, this time without losing my mind, but like I’ve said before it’s these last few weeks that are the hardest.

I feel like it’s three weeks til graduation and I just can’t be bothered to get up to go to class anymore.

I broke down and bought strawberries at the grocery store today. They tasted depressing.


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In the interest of creativity, I’ve decided to begin posting (at least) one photograph to my blog each and every day. The only rule is that I have to take the photo on the same day that I post it. Here is the first: a lovely winter grande finale.Rocky Ripple Stow Storm

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Sometimes, in the dead of winter, you just need to get away from the day to day drudgery of a warm and cozy home, and get out and enjoy a little local scenery in the exhilarating January air.

To commemorate our first frigid walk together two years ago, we headed out to Turkey Run State Park for some winter hiking. This is one of the best times of year to get out and see the natural world, so long as you are properly dressed. The snow and ice have a tendency to accentuate gorgeous geographical features that might otherwise go unnoticed in the summertime.

Winter hiking is inherently peaceful. Not only are there fewer hikers (we met only one other group on the trail in our two days at Turkey Run), but the entire landscape is blanketed in a relaxing quietness. The only sounds to be heard are the occasional woodpecker, a squirrel gnawing away at a walnut, and the gurgling of the stream as it is passing under a sheet of semi-solid ice.

Yes, the Indiana winter landscape is a sight to behold. At least, it’s enough to get us out of the house and trudging around in the snow and ice for a change of scene.

Of course, a little coffee and donuts on the way home doesn’t hurt either.

Happy Two Year to US!

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