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Another gorgeous February day calls for some much-needed industriousness. I got home from work a little early and got right to work on those dreaded weed trees. With a few new saw blades and some good advice from Dad, I found that things began to go much more smoothly for me. Within two hours, the side fence was all but liberated from weed tree domination!

As soon as I can recruit some help, I’ll be able to fell the last behemoth and clear the path for sunshine to my future raspberry thicket!

Meanwhile, Patrick inspects the rubble to make sure no innocent insects have been trapped below.


I was so excited about getting all the weed trees down in such a short time, that I had to find something else constructively destructive to do. I tore down the ugly lattice that someone had tacked up around the back porch, rather gleefully with my bare hands.

It looks better already! (Patrick agrees)

To add to my satisfaction, we bought marshmallows and weenies, and made ourselves a bonfire.

The lattice turned out to be extremely flammable. Another good reason not to put it anywhere near your house!

Thus we celebrated our victory of the Second Battle in the War Against the Weed Trees.

To Be Continued….

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It’s always fun to inherit someone else’s failed attempt at a garden, especially when the former owners left it looking something like this:


I decided to take advantage of this uncommonly mild February day and get some gardening prep under way.

One of my first and most important tasks is to cut down all these weeds that the lovely former owners of our house let grow along the fence. Except, they aren’t just weeds now: they are twenty foot tall trees with trunks up to six inches in diameter. And there are a lot of them.

Luckily, Dad dropped off a Sawz-all for us to use, and I made some good progress!

Unluckily (or rather, due to my acute lack of skill), there were a few mishaps along the way.

I hope there are many more mild days left this winter, because I’m going to need them all to get this task done in time to start digging. And I can tell it’s going to be a LOT of fun…

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