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Yep. Lookin’ good…

Err, well, at least two-thirds of it have been moved to the new house, so that’s good.

In actual garden news, I finally broke down and destroyed my cold weather crops that were bravely persevering in the one remaining un-disassembled bed. The cauliflower, broccoli, beets and carrots were actually looking great since the frost killed off all the cabbage loopers, but they just weren’t getting big enough fast enough.

So sad. But now I know that planting seeds on October 1st isn’t going to get me very far, even during an extremely mild autumn.

I did manage to salvage some edible babies. And the beet greens tasted great sauteed and tossed into an omelette.

Evie briefly considers vegetarianism:

So, with a sigh, I must admit that my 2011 gardening season has come to a close. Appropriately, I completed my Master Gardener class this very evening, and I am stocked with knowledge and enthusiasm for the coming spring. Now if I could just get my hands on some seed catalogues, this winter might not be such a bad thing…

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