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photo courtesy of realtor.com

I’ve been thinking a lot about retirement lately. Probably too much, in fact, considering that I have at least 35-38 years of work ahead of me.

But honestly, I wish I had started thinking about it sooner. When you’re young and considering whether or not to start thinking about retirement, time is big money. I’ve recently abandoned my plan to pay down my student loans as aggressively as possible to be done with it within the next five years or so. As lovely as that dream was, I’ve gotten a little smarter since then. Instead, I could moderate my student loan payments, and begin socking away 20% or so of my income into a retirement account. This will cost me at least a few thousand dollars in interest, since my student loans will take longer to get paid down. But the great thing is that the difference between saving right now for retirement, and waiting a few years to start investing…will be tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

(In theory, anyway.)

So, as I tuck away my pennies into my brand new IRA, I started thinking to myself, “This is for my condo in Florida!”

Then I though, “Wait a minute, I don’t want a condo in Florida! That sounds terrible!”

Why does everyone move to Florida when they retire? Presumably it’s for the warmth, though I don’t know that 90-degree days will be any easier to tolerate when I’m 70 than they are now. Longer days in the winter appeals to my Seasonal Affective Disorder, though according to weather.com, a January day in Miami is only an hour longer than one here in good old Indiana. I do like the idea of living near the water, but in Florida there are so many millions of people living near the water that you can’t even get close to it without having several million dollars to spare.

So I’ve decided that when I retire I might just throw allĀ  convention out the window and move north instead. If nothing else, just to be contrary in my old age.

Of course, I haven’t discussed this yet with the one person who will be sharing my retirement home with me, but I have a feeling he wouldn’t mind saving a lot of money so that we can instead have a waterfront cabin on one of the Great Lakes. Or maybe a nice little cottage on the coast of Maine. Or an Oregon bungalow. The one thing we do have is plenty of time to discuss it. Trees, books, cats, a view of some water, and a little land to grow my green things on–this is all I really anticipate needing 40 years from now. That, and access to a good doctor.


photo courtesy of realtor.com

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