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So, a few years ago (I guess it was…2008?) Angela and Theresa and I visited the great Pacific Northwest. It was my first time in the region, and my last year of not being allowed to drive a rental car, so I was living it up and taking it all in. We started in Seattle and drove down the coast to Portland. I never thought I would love a state more than I love Colorado, but I have to admit, I totally fell in love with Oregon. I love it so much, I’ve made it my personal goal in life to live there some day.

I was given but a fleeting glimpse of what Portland and Oregon have to offer, but the taste has lingered. These are the things that I look forward to loving about my future home.

1. Portland is Like a Cooler Version of Indianapolis. There are a lot of things I like about Indy, and the homey feel and sprawling bungalowed neighborhoods is the best. When I visited Portland, it was kind of like coming home. I could easily picture myself on those quiet tree-lined streets that looked like variations of all the neighborhoods I know and love back home. The downtown is modest, like Indy, but full of exciting things to discover. 

2. Keep Portland Weird. From what I understand, Keep Portland Weird is a local belief/marketing strategy/sentiment geared toward celebrating the uniqueness of Portland and supporting local businesses. Kind of like our “Be Indypendent” idea here in Indianapolis. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around just what it is, but I have enjoyed the large signs, the bumper stickers, and the general idea that Portland is “weird.” It makes me feel like I would fit in there.

3. Mount Hood. I am really, really looking forward to the opportunity to look at a mountain every day. Even looking at a hill every day would be exciting to me, in comparison.

4. Powell’s Books. We walked right past this mega bookstore while in Portland, and I didn’t even know it existed at the time. So I prefer to buy books used, but I wouldn’t mind spending a few days hanging out in this veritable shrine of printed media.

5. Voodoo Donuts. I don’t know what all the hype is about, but I would love to find out. Plus? I loooove pink icing with sprinkles. You gotta love a city with famous donuts.

6. Mass Transit. I did get to utilize and enjoy this while we were visiting; but I want more. I want to use it basically every time I have to leave my house. It’s easy. And it’s FREE (well, you don’t have to buy a ticket or pass, at any rate).

7. No Sales Tax. Okay, so this one is completely opposite to my personal beliefs (I think there should be higher sales tax, lower income tax), but I’m willing to overlook that and enjoy this little perk as it comes to me. I hope everything is sold in nice round numbers there.

8. Hardiness Zone 8. Portland has a vibrant urban farming scene, and I fully intend to get in on it when I’m there. The biggest challenge may be finding a little space of my own that hasn’t already been claimed as someone’s garden. On a related note, I’m stoked about getting involved with the huge Portland Farmers’ Market. Living in Zone 8 will be gooooood.

9. Heading East. And Heading West. Hop in the car and go, and you’re bound to find something awesome. The amazingly beautiful Oregon Coast lies to the West, and Columbia River Gorge will steal your breath away to the East. You can’t go wrong. And I have a few waterfalls I have yet to meet.

10. Ethnic Food. The Gardens. Chinatown. Portland Art Museum. Museum of Contemporary Craft?? I’m just going to have to lump all of the rest of my anticipation in to #10, because there are far too many places I want to see and things I want to do.

Most of all, though, I want to become familiar with the town. I want to know its ins and outs like I know Indianapolis. I want to find that little hidden fountain in that tiny historical neighborhood on the east side where you can cool your feet after a long walk from the park (if such a Portland counterpart exists). I want to know which gas station sells candy cigarettes, and make special trips there on my way home from work. I want to find my favorite quiet little neighborhood that is perfect for taking walks with my sweetie.

Portland, it’s been a while, and I know we don’t know each other well…but someday, we’ll just have to remedy that.

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