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Read many, many books.

Grow more flowers than vegetables.

Learn to love the dog, or at least get along with her.

Make many beautiful photographs.

Play. Music, games, whatever.

Attend every social event that presents itself (within reason).

Write more: more blogs, more letters, more journals, more everything.

Give birthday gifts to family members.

Bake more cookies. Nobody ever complained of a surplus of cookies.

Create things to sell at the Rocky Ripple Festival.

Tend a plot in the community garden.

Go camping more often. Even if it’s just in the backyard.

Defy my anxiety (while embracing my mental and emotional needs).

Explore more places alone.

Find new favorite spots to share.

Do something entirely new.

Yoga, every day. There’s just no real excuse.

Seize the day, every day. Even if that means staying in bed with a good book and a steady supply of hot tea.

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