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Today’s mulberry creation is a skillet pie. Compared to my go-to cobbler, the skillet pie has its pros and cons.

The skillet pie involves the use of an electric mixer, which is a decided con in my book. On the other hand, the use of the mixer gives the skillet pie a spongy, cakey consistency that is quite tasty.

The skillet pie involves some tricky maneuvers in which a piping hot and heavy skillet has to be inverted without ruining the contents by dropping them on the floor or counter. With a little forethought and teamwork we were able to manage this. A cobbler involves no such acrobatics.

Admittedly, the skillet pie has a pretty unique look to it, which totally trumps the cobbler’s humble appearance. Plus, making dessert in a skillet gets points for being interesting and a good conversation starter. And if you do accidentally drop a few skillet pies in the course of trying to successfully make one, at least you will have some stories to tell.

Overall, I would say that the skillet pie isn’t my favorite dessert; but it was definitely worth the try.



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