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I’ve come up with a new and improved Plan for life. It works for many situations in which you want to better yourself. Through my Plan, you can learn to break your dependence on toxic habits. You can also motivate yourself to fulfill your goals and dreams with ease.

What’s the big idea? Well, Plan Bee is based on Oscar Wilde’s famous adage: everything in moderation, including moderation. And what can be more moderate than splitting something 50/50? You’ve got indulgence on the one hand, and moderation on the other. Ideally, you would start smack in the middle, and adjust from there as you see fit.

Okay, so here’s the practical application: take something that you want to decrease in your life, e.g., a dependence on drinking soda every day. Don’t quit cold turkey, because you know that doesn’t work. Don’t even try to cut back at first, because that doesn’t often work very well either. What you can and should do: make a commitment to swear off soda every other day. Try it for one day. If you make it through, go ahead and indulge those caffeine headaches the next morning. Drink your regular amount of soda for the day, if you feel so inclined. Then, brace yourself; swear off the soda for one more day. One day is not impossible. You may feel awful; you will probably crave it, but just get through the day knowing that the dawn will bring sweet relief. And that will give you the strength to keep going. Repeat the process and modify as you see fit. If in the end all you get is a habit of not drinking soda every other day, then you are already doing twice as well as you have been doing otherwise.

Plan Bee can also be a powerful motivation tool. Do you want to become less of a couch potato, and cultivate a more active lifestyle? Take the pledge to go out tomorrow and take a walk. Then take a day to rest. The next day, get up off your ass again. By the time another day has passed, you may feel motivated enough to go for a jog, or spend a few minutes on the elliptical.

The key is to start slow, make small commitments, and reward yourself with your “norm” on the days in between. Eventually you may find yourself able to push yourself further, and go for longer stretches without having to take a break.

Why is Plan Bee such a great idea? Because it works with your natural tendencies and strengths as a human being. There’s nothing horrifying about promising yourself that you will improve yourself in one way for just a single day. Anybody can do that. And knowing that you can drift back into your habit the next day will help you to power through your weak moments. You don’t have to worry about going without anything for any lengthy period of time. And you can’t keep putting it off, saying that you will start at the beginning of the month, or the beginning of next week, or on New Year’s Day, because this is one diet that doesn’t need a clean slate, doesn’t need a clear cut starting point. One night you just decide to do it, and the next day you start. Then you quit, then you start, and so on…how many times do we practice this quitting and starting pattern anyway? Why not put it to good use?

I’ve found myself using Plan Bee in my own life, almost without realizing it. Most recently, I decided to dramatically decrease my internet usage because I felt like it was interfering with the enjoyment of other parts of my life. I had been unsuccessful with simply promising myself that I would spend less time on the computer each day. I needed much more clearly cut goals and boundaries. I knew I wouldn’t last a whole week without the internet, and even going for three days would be a stretch. So I decided to go every other day without getting online. It’s been over a week now, and I’m consistently amazed with how well it has been working. For an entire day, every other day, I’m free to do read and write and garden and watch movies and just enjoy the world around me. Sometimes I write down things that I need to get done online the next day, or things that I have been meaning to look up or read about. Sometimes I just enjoy my freedom from the news, from work drama, and from the overwhelming abundance of other peoples’ lives and opinions. And, of course, every other day I indulge. But even on those days I find myself less and less interested in staring at the computer screen for long. Often the projects I have started on my “off” days seem more interesting to me on my “on” days, so that I end up not spending even half as much time on the computer.

One of my favorite things about Plan Bee is its applicability to such a wide variety of situations. I can think of a hundred different ways to use it. Want to become a vegetarian, but can’t handle the thought of going without meat? Need to study for a big test, but just can’t find the motivation to sit down and do it every day? Looking for the time to practice that long-neglected musical instrument? Trying to find a way to lower your coffee intake?

Try Plan Bee: It’s twice as good as doing nothing!

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