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Our venue of choice.

With less than a year left til our marriage (we’ve set a tentative date in early May 2014), you probably won’t be reading much about wedding planning in the next 11 months.

Why? Mainly because I already have it all planned out.

It’s amazing how stress-free a wedding can be when you throw all the traditions out the window. I mean, really, how many wedding “traditions” really mean anything to anyone? Weddings these days are so cut and paste, insert your name/face here for cake cutting, first dance, toast, etc ad nauseam. I’m just not one to do things simply because it is the way it is “supposed” to be done. That’s why I’m calling our marriage celebration an “un-wedding,” and not bothering with any details that aren’t of utmost importance. No wedding dress, no wedding cake, no wedding party, no seating arrangements, no silk flowers, definitely no color scheme or registry or white tulle (blech blech blech). What I find to be most important is 1)what’s to eat; 2)what’s to drink; 3)who will share it with me; 4)what are we going to listen to; 5)will it be in a beautiful setting with an indoor option in the likelihood of rain or sweltering hot weather; and, importantly, 6)how much is all this going to cost?

Oh, and, 7)will this guy be making a guest appearance? One can only hope so.


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