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Normally I’m pretty impatient with my garden’s progress, but I can’t argue with these results! The root crops are coming along quite well. Even the radishes are starting to look radishy:

The raspberries are coming along nicely, and the pumpkin patch is simply flourishing.

Every day I come home from work, lug my things out of my car, and head straight to the garden to poke and prod. It’s my meditative way of unwinding after a long or stressful day.

What did I discover today? Dozens of bean seedlings, pushing through the earth just six short days after they were planted! Just yesterday I was digging little holes in the bean bed to see if any of them were germinating. Lo and behold, overnight they decided to make a surprise appearance.

Equally as exciting, the potatoes are beginning their grand climb skyward, making delicious potential potato energy as they go.

Sometimes I fuss too much over my precious plants. I’m currently paranoid that my tomatoes and sweet peppers are suffering from sharing a yard with the black walnuts. Even though they are placed 50 feet from the nearest tree trunk, and are enclosed in their own little self-watering environments, I’m convinced that they are looking “wilty” and malnourished. I am probably anxious about nothing, considering that they actually look pretty good. But a good plant mother has to find something to worry over. Besides, these things cost me $5 apiece!

Only time will tell for my delicate garden residents. After all, the best way to become a good gardener is through trial and error. I hope that in another ten days I can report back with good news about all my green endeavors.

Oh, and Evie says hi.


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Yep. Lookin’ good…

Err, well, at least two-thirds of it have been moved to the new house, so that’s good.

In actual garden news, I finally broke down and destroyed my cold weather crops that were bravely persevering in the one remaining un-disassembled bed. The cauliflower, broccoli, beets and carrots were actually looking great since the frost killed off all the cabbage loopers, but they just weren’t getting big enough fast enough.

So sad. But now I know that planting seeds on October 1st isn’t going to get me very far, even during an extremely mild autumn.

I did manage to salvage some edible babies. And the beet greens tasted great sauteed and tossed into an omelette.

Evie briefly considers vegetarianism:

So, with a sigh, I must admit that my 2011 gardening season has come to a close. Appropriately, I completed my Master Gardener class this very evening, and I am stocked with knowledge and enthusiasm for the coming spring. Now if I could just get my hands on some seed catalogues, this winter might not be such a bad thing…

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