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October Ambitions

October is nigh, and I’ve got the cold toes to prove it. Fortunately for everyone involved, Jeff bought me these cute new kitty socks to help keep my digits warm…

This past month has been a doozy. I’ve been in a funk for most of it, and just now am starting to feel like the chemical balance is returning to my brain. Not to say that it’s been all stress and melancholy, no not at all. On September 3rd I was having a particularly bad weekend, and Jeff drove me to one of our favorite spots to help cheer me up. This secret little place of ours is a tiny park in Rocky Ripple, where the public can gain access to a fantastically undeveloped bend in the White River. All you can see is water, trees, fish, and a park bench on the opposite bank. It’s a quick getaway in the middle of the city, giving an immediate sense of peace and an air of solitude. As we drove through the neighborhood on our way out, we spotted a house that we both instantly loved. I hopped out and grabbed a flier, and the whole process began…

Much of September has been consumed by our first adventure in home-buying. We’ve been viewing, inspecting, deliberating, negotiating, anticipating, and wishful thinking for what seems like months now. If all goes as planned, we will be moving into our new home by the end of October. We couldn’t be happier about it.

Aside from that unexpected escapade, we spent our first real vacation together, touring the great state of California and visiting some excellent tour guides family members. We saw an enormous amount of fantastic sights in a short time, and it turned out to be a very relaxing getaway.

In spite of all the fun and excitement, I have to say I’m glad to put September behind me, and try to get back into some sort of normalcy groove. To help me in that, I’ve given myself a few goals to complete in October.

My first goal is to work on streamlining my belongings. A move into a new place is a great time to clear the cobwebs and begin anew. Any objects that I don’t use or treasure on a regular basis will be passed along to the next person who is willing to use/hoard/treasure them.

Second, I have a kitty in my care who desperately needs to be taught how to be loved. Hunter has been at the shelter for some time now and only very gradually making any progress from his stressed state. My hope is that a loving home environment and lots of back scratches will get him back to the point where he starts acting more like a cat and less like a hunted rabbit.

My third goal for this month is to draw. I spent a lot of time this summer salvaging vintage items and making things, but it’s been too long since I sat down with a sketchbook and a pen and let my imagination wander for a few hours.

And finally, I need to remedy the fact that vacations and slumps and home buying are not conducive to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Lots of fruits and veggies and time spent outdoors walking and hiking and exploring must be on the agenda for a great October.

And I think it will be a great October.

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