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We stepped out into the balmy air this morning to sunshine and birdsong. Runners and bikers populated the canal trail, and we had our first turtle sighting of the year! It was as if someone had flipped a magical switch saying, “Come on out, spring is here.”

Unfortunately, by noon the temps had dropped again, and we were driven back into the warmth of the house by biting winds and gloomy skies.

*sigh* Oh well.

Now all the kitties are curled up in fuzzy little piles, marking out all the coziest spots to bed down for a nap.

We will have to be content with hibernation for a little bit longer.


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Now that we, Rocky Ripple’s Newest Official Residents, are (almost) comfortably settled into our new home, we’d love to share with you some pics from around the ‘hood…

The Flying Cupcake (guess what they sell here!)

Burkhart Community Garden

Canal Walk toward Holcomb Gardens



Canalley Cat *chuckle*

Some of the more subdued yard art.

River Houses

Floodplain Forest Preservation Site

Kooky mailboxes are a status symbol around here...

More Yard Art---in case you weren't convinced I belong here.

Yard Nessie

Skipping stones...

...on our beautiful bend of the White River.

Welcome to our new stomping grounds. I think we’re gonna love it here.

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