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You may or may not have noticed a couple of things around here lately:

1. My apparent absence, and

2. A brief change of layout followed by a return to the tried and true.

It’s true, I haven’t been blogging much this summer. Not because I’ve been absent, but because I haven’t felt much like sharing. Selfish, I know. But sometimes it just feels right to keep things to yourself and enjoy your thoughts and moments in private. Even blogging can be introverted sometimes.

I’ve also been fretting a bit over the format of the blog. After years of my favorite “theme,” as WordPress calls it, I switched to a new layout that I thought would make my photographs stand out more. It did, but at the entire cost of anything resembling an aesthetic type format. I have since realized my foolish ways and made a mad dash back to my good old trusty layout that just seems to fit like an old comfy shoe. In the interest of making an effort to write more (rather than just post pictures), I think it was a wise decision. And since a good relationship inevitably involves compromise, I incorporated a Flickr stream update to the right sidebar, to showcase my photography for those interested.

I’m quite comfortable with the results, and I look forward to being more diligent in updating you on my daily not-so-innermost thoughts and musings.

Happy blogging.

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to all my readers. I have completed my 100 Day Challenge by posting 100 blogs in 100 days! Thank you to everyone who has been reading along. Thank you to those who have commented, whether it be in person, on my blog, or through Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has liked, and “liked” my posts. Thanks for encouraging me, and giving suggestions, and correcting my typo. It all really means a lot to me and has kept me going even when the last thing I wanted to do at the end of a long day was sit down and think of something half witty to write.

I’ve learned a lot in the past 100 days. I’ve discovered that I really love writing (especially when I do have something half witty to say). I’ve learned that, in order to write that one blog that is insightful and well-written, you have to write at least 10 or 12 very mediocre blogs. Through my challenge I’ve rediscovered my love of photography, and I’ve really enjoyed being motivated to drag out the camera once again. Even though I felt shackled at times by my obligation to post each and every day, I’m pleased that my commitment has given me a reason to get out and document my entire summer. It will be nice to get a break. 🙂

But don’t worry. Now that I have developed this new habit of mine, I don’t intend to give it up so easily. I plan to continue posting at least a couple of times a week. My idea is to start posting in series, meaning that I do one book review each month, one self-portrait, one movie review, one creative pursuit, etc. This will hopefully help to keep me on a good schedule and thinking regularly about blogging possibilities. Any suggestions on future blog ideas?

Once again, thank you all for the support, even for those of you who have never commented or mentioned anything about my blog to me (I know you’re out there). It has been a pleasure and a pain, and one I hope to continue plaguing you with for a long, long time.




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What you are witnessing right now is my blog’s 100th post! Not 100th in the 100 Day Challenge, but 100 since the beginning of my blog two years ago. Not a bad record!

As it is also the last day of my 7 Day Self-Portrait Challenge, I offer you 100 self-portraits taken over the past year with the use of my handy Photobooth app on my Mac. Now, Photobooth is mainly good for being silly and practicing your goof face, so be forewarned. It is also good for when your cat keeps walking across your keyboard and you want to document yourself loving on them instead of strangling them mercilessly. And, occasionally, you can get one or two good self-portraits out of the bunch. If for any reason you want to take a closer look at any of these (Heaven help you), clicking on the pic will do the trick to bring it up to full size.

Happy 100 posts and counting, Blog. 🙂

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One of the best things about my blog is the stats page. I check it almost every day, and it tells me how many people have viewed my blog, which pages are most popular, which websites refer readers to my blog, and whether anyone has clicked on any links or pictures on my blog. So I don’t know exactly who is looking at my blog every day, but I can surmise a thing or two from the information provided.

Kinda creepy, really.

One of my favorite parts about the stats page is a list of search terms that have brought random people to my blog. These are terms that any given person typed into google or some other search engine, which somehow ultimately, and sometimes inexplicably, brought them to a link to my blog. Some of them are downright absurd, and many of them are amusing, so I wanted to share. This is a full list starting from the very beginning of my blog almost two years ago.

WARNING: while my blog is rated PG, some of these search terms are not. Like I said, I have no idea how some of these terms are in any way linked to my blog. But, apparently, they are.

Happy searching.

All Time

Search Views
plant histology 17
radiolaria 14
lickable wallpaper 10
christmasisallaroundus 9
radiolarians 9
irvington, indianapolis 9
dragon hat 9
gray cat lai down 8
radial symmetries radiolaria 8
microscopic images of flowers 7
spirograph forms 4
anne of green gables 4
chromosome and christmas cartoons 4
netflix blowjob scene 4
cat blog 3
cute kittens 3
christmas is all around us marie 3
tiny hummingbird 3
yellow splash 3
flying bats 3
christmas is all around us blog 3
her left-handed guitar 3
christmasisallaroundus.com 3
winter photography 3
spirograph 2
microscopic fotography of plant 2
money spirograph 2
bird sitting on handlebars drawing 2
money microscopic 2
microscopic pictures of flowers 2
histology plant 2
diatom 2
cincinnati zoo artist deceased 2
boundaries of radial symmetry 2
christopher marley 2
yellow daisies 2
pictures of cats that’s gray with white feet 2
mommy and baby bears christmas 2
huge balls 2
christmas all around us 2
funny eating popcorn 2
spirograph symmetry 2
http://www.christmasisallaroundus.com 2
popcorn bag 2
smeagol cat 2
christmas is all around us piano 2
netflix blow job scene 2
gray christmas cat 2
dragonhat 2
cool trees 2
paper spirograph 2
mommy bird feeding baby bird 2
flying squirrel oregon 2
photography doorway 2
christmas is all around us fuzzy bee 2
plant chemistry 2
owl high quality 2
flying monkeys 2
evil christmas 2
make me come hard 2
drawings of mac photobooth pics 2
flying monkeys drawing 2
irvington old photos 2
uses for ammo cans 2
irvington house photo 2
destroying books 2
beautiful christmas sparkles 2
vintage container gardening 2
fuzzy bee christmas 2
diatoms microscope 2
beautiful spirograph 2
plant histology art 2
radiolaria mud 2
veterinary microscopic images 2
book covers on forest law 2
calm scenes 2
daisy microscopic 2
tiny cubs 2
wholphin monster fight street mail box 1
netflix blowjob 9 songs 1
harder days 1
vestigial me 1
strange outdoors 1
christmas is all around us bee 1
blowjob scene netflix 1
sores on cats back 1
pop corn 1
wildcare intern 1
diane arbus marital affair 1
chromosome painting 1
baby cat with mom 1
fuzzy bee christmas all around us 1
toy ideas for aspiring veterinarian 1
dark thinking of you pics 1
marie brown bee indianapolis it’s christmas blog 1
how to appreciate the beauty of the snow 1
windows at night 1
winter fontain 1
nursing baby raccons 1
knitted dragon hat 1
what to feed baby opossum 1
cute flying monkey plush doll 1
“christmas is all around us” musical notes 1
snow trek photography 1
wear+men 1
netflix instant blowjob 1
christmas doves 1
let it snow let it snow let it snow 1
big grey outdoor cats 1
should i snuggle with baby opossums 1
christmas is all around author 1
duvet art 1
fantastic existential films on netflix 1
christmas in us 1
pre-vet 1
white breasted nuthatch 1
furry bee with big green eyes 1
dragon breath popcorn 1
let it snow, fire up the furnace and youll know 1
smeagol for christmas 1
winter dragon hat 1
all netflix movies with christmas theme 1
us christmas photos 1
night shot blowjob 1
learn how to play christmas is all around us 1
barn owls flying 1
christmas snow night 1
my mom is left handed 1
christmas kittens 1
christmas is all around no time to be down 1
i have to feed my baby turtules 1
fuzzybee christmas 1
“christmas is all around us” 2010 1
syringe feeding baby robin 1
should i but someone netflix for christmas? 1
christmas is all around us notes 1
christmas is all around us come on and let it snow 1
christmas is all around us pubblicitĂ  1
newborn turkey baby birds 1
christmas winter photography 1
christmas cat 1
christmas is all around 1
christmas sparkles 1
let it snow, fire up the 1
fawn 1
sugar baby marsupial 1
baby fawns 1
nuthatch ink 1
kitty feet 1
christmas is all around us noty 1
wintertime soup 1
routine processing of plant samples for histology 1
curled her toes 1
fast feet bicycle 1
ernst haeckel drawings 1
fountain of youth bronx zoo 1
pictures of cat thats gray with white feet 1
love is all around us let it snow 1
cute stories that involve tickling 1
radiolaria under a microscope 1
spirograph images 1
radiolaria plankton 1
let it snow 1
microscopic diatom illustration 1
fuzzy bee 1
scientific name of radiolarians 1
radiolaria san francisco 1
athena using her powers 1
carpet gray 1
gears turning 1
spirograph trees 1
popcorn bag in lap 1
columbus and spain king 1
geometrics forms 1
gray pink white cat 1
plant stem cell microscope 1
water plant histology 1
plant like radiolarians 1
king queen spain columbus 1
noty christmas is all around us 1
scene from my window 1
christmas with smeagol blog 1
white and gray kitten 1
baby kitten- dark gray body white face 1
image radiolarians 1
xmas kittens 1
cool radiolarians 1
plant microscope 1
spirograph invitation 1
matter around us pure 1
plant histolory slide 1
buttercup flower cell 1
smeagol christmas 1
christmas with smeagol 1
“christmas is all around us” note 1
plants under microscope 1
microscopic photography 1
charlie and the choclate factory lickable wall 1
how to hang swag chandelier 1
plant hair histology 1
microscope plant 1
likable wallplaper 1
love notes 1
christmas stories dealing with healing and grief 1
5 point spirograph 1
christmasisallaroundus blog 1
shiny pants 1
a gray small cat 1
what kind of solids can i feed fawns 1
odyssey athena 1
radiolarians under microscope 1
photos of themed christmas tree ideas 2010 1
microscopic photos of flowers 1
fuzzy bee second life 1
wwwhappyparlot.com 1
introspective musings-christmas is all around us 1
zooplankton drawing 1
histologi tumbuhan 1
mac photobooth pets 1
christmass pants 1
“day night day night” 1
needle torture 1
colorful happy wallpaper 1
weed worms 1
ball through racket 1
mario cart 1
worm farm with plastic tub 1
surgical booties 1
copy cat recipes for pickles at teds motana grill 1
charlie and the chocolate factory quotes- likable wallpaper 1
http://www.maymovies.com.br 1
you love her coz she’s dead 1
how to display air plants 1
“livestrong.com” 1
feet pose 1
marijuana plant side 1
happy tuesday animated 1
cat nursing fawn 1

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I’m finding that it’s not easy to keep up a daily blog.

Not impossible, nor even extraordinarily difficult, but not easy.

Blogging, you see, takes a certain amount of effort. It’s not just about being able to type. It’s not even only about the talent to put together a coherent or particularly compelling sentence structure. An excellent blog, in my humble estimation, is one that incorporates every possible element into one refreshing experience for the reader.

I don’t typically write my blog with my reader in mind. I log onto WordPress and go, doing little more editing than finding the perfect word or correcting unsightly typos. But I still pay close attention to how the blog looks, not just how the words sound. The sentences reflect what I’m thinking at any particular moment, but the rest of the blog is a subtle expression of mood and ambience. The “rest,” such as the typeface, the font size, the banner, the background, the placement of photographs (should this pic precede the text as a preface, or be placed at the end as a punch line?), the editing of photographs, the variety vs the focus of the blog, the layout of the page…even the margins and the spacing between paragraphs are crucial elements that the conscientious blogger must consider.

See, I told you it wasn’t easy.

There are a plethora of blogs out there that are less than mediocre, and I’m sure you’ve come across a few in your time. Essentially it shouldn’t matter, as long as the blogger is achieving the level of self-expression he or she desires. But then there are those elite blogs that are simply stunning, whether in form, content, or design, which make the rest of us bloggers blush with envy. I’ve found a few favorites that I attempt to emulate from time to time.

These are some of the blogs I hold dear in one way or another, almost like old friends, ever-changing but somehow never unfamiliar. You’ll see what I mean.

Made In Mississippi–a classy and understated artist blog. A nice change from in-your-face expressiveness.

Color Me Katie–absolutely charming. Who wouldn’t want to be like Katie? She specializes in photographic narratives and collections of uber-happy images. Everything is rainbows and smiles.

The Craft Begins–I don’t always get on board with the fashion and style content, but I love the way she (or he?) puts together images in grids and clean collages. Very effective!

zenhabits–it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Always a great read.

Backyard Bounty–I love the down-home feel to this blog, and of course the content engages me. My favorite part, though, is the background resembling the folded back pages of a magazine.

Tongue In Cheek–so visually gorgeous and exotic. Not overwhelmingly so, thanks to the simple gray background and formatting.

her three birds–a cute and funky little blog I stumbled upon the other day. I especially like the personality and intimacy this blog exudes.

As the blogger The Great Ganesha says—

“At its best, blogging is an art. And just like any work of art, be it Nabokov’s Lolita or Cartier-Bresson’s The Decisive Moment, it can be subtle and expressive at once. A good blog post can stir up anger, elation, and grief. It appeals to everyone and can incite passionate discussion. Blogs can create trends or destroy them. Like art, a blog post has its roots in the banalities of everyday existence.”

(Read more here)

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