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Our venue of choice.

With less than a year left til our marriage (we’ve set a tentative date in early May 2014), you probably won’t be reading much about wedding planning in the next 11 months.

Why? Mainly because I already have it all planned out.

It’s amazing how stress-free a wedding can be when you throw all the traditions out the window. I mean, really, how many wedding “traditions” really mean anything to anyone? Weddings these days are so cut and paste, insert your name/face here for cake cutting, first dance, toast, etc ad nauseam. I’m just not one to do things simply because it is the way it is “supposed” to be done. That’s why I’m calling our marriage celebration an “un-wedding,” and not bothering with any details that aren’t of utmost importance. No wedding dress, no wedding cake, no wedding party, no seating arrangements, no silk flowers, definitely no color scheme or registry or white tulle (blech blech blech). What I find to be most important is 1)what’s to eat; 2)what’s to drink; 3)who will share it with me; 4)what are we going to listen to; 5)will it be in a beautiful setting with an indoor option in the likelihood of rain or sweltering hot weather; and, importantly, 6)how much is all this going to cost?

Oh, and, 7)will this guy be making a guest appearance? One can only hope so.


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Though everything is coming along nicely, so far my garden has produced nothing but a ton of radishes. I’ve eaten them raw, roasted them, sauteed them with their greens, and chopped them to garnish salads. They’re so easy to grow that I just keep planting more, even though I’m starting to get pretty tired of them. Does anyone have any delicious and unique radish recipes I could try? If not, I’m just going to keep feeding them to Moose.

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My break from blogging was quite refreshing, and I’m glad to say I’m back with a vengeance, ready to fill your summer days with all the garden photos and random nonsense I can offer.

I recently took a day trip to Shoals, Indiana, to do some hiking and to be mercilessly attacked by the ravenous insect population. When I wasn’t pulling ticks out of my clothing, I was concentrating on getting some shots of the interesting flora and fauna that thrives in the humid Hoosier backwoods. One of my favorite discoveries was this old bottle of water that had seemingly burst from the inside out, teeming with life. If you ever wanted spring in a bottle to save for those cold and dark winter evenings, this is probably the closest you will get.

Spring in a Bottle

Stay tuned for more exciting summer discoveries…

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to all my readers. I have completed my 100 Day Challenge by posting 100 blogs in 100 days! Thank you to everyone who has been reading along. Thank you to those who have commented, whether it be in person, on my blog, or through Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has liked, and “liked” my posts. Thanks for encouraging me, and giving suggestions, and correcting my typo. It all really means a lot to me and has kept me going even when the last thing I wanted to do at the end of a long day was sit down and think of something half witty to write.

I’ve learned a lot in the past 100 days. I’ve discovered that I really love writing (especially when I do have something half witty to say). I’ve learned that, in order to write that one blog that is insightful and well-written, you have to write at least 10 or 12 very mediocre blogs. Through my challenge I’ve rediscovered my love of photography, and I’ve really enjoyed being motivated to drag out the camera once again. Even though I felt shackled at times by my obligation to post each and every day, I’m pleased that my commitment has given me a reason to get out and document my entire summer. It will be nice to get a break. 🙂

But don’t worry. Now that I have developed this new habit of mine, I don’t intend to give it up so easily. I plan to continue posting at least a couple of times a week. My idea is to start posting in series, meaning that I do one book review each month, one self-portrait, one movie review, one creative pursuit, etc. This will hopefully help to keep me on a good schedule and thinking regularly about blogging possibilities. Any suggestions on future blog ideas?

Once again, thank you all for the support, even for those of you who have never commented or mentioned anything about my blog to me (I know you’re out there). It has been a pleasure and a pain, and one I hope to continue plaguing you with for a long, long time.




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“It’s so much friendlier with two. ”

~Winnie the Pooh

It’s been 572 days since Jeff and I first met. I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we haven’t regretted a single day since!


Love you Mr. Bee. ♥

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Three kids in the yard.

Having fun.

(Especially Patrick.)

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Four things that made me smile today.

My silly niece and nephew. They are at that great age where all you have to do is say “Rawr!” and reach for them, and they run around squealing and giggling for about ten minutes. It’s so easy to be a fun auntie when I don’t even have to leave my chair.

Kitties who pass out on the sunporch.

Getting my cold frame partially put together, with the help of the lovely Mr. Bee. (more on this when it’s finished)

Movie snacks. (the movie wasn’t so great)

It’s been a rough day, but at the end I’m just glad to be alive and well. My heart goes out to anyone who is affected by tonight’s tragedy at the State Fairgrounds. It’s so much scarier when something like that happens within a mile of your home and the homes of nearly half the people you love.

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Five donkeys (and mules) at the State Fair.


Plus a bee.

Oh, and some balloons!

So long, Fair, see you next year. Thanks for all the livestock to pet, and for all the cotton candy I got sick off of. Thank you for balloon glows and people watching. Thank you for super dry $8 pork burgers that get stuck in my throat, every year. Thank you for sticky hands and memories of children putting their mouths in dirty places.

It all was very, very amusing.

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Six books on my to-finish list.

I used to consider myself an avid reader. Sadly, these days I can’t make that claim. I have finished four books so far in 2011. Of this I am happy because that is about three or four more books than I finished in 2010.

I wish I could become an avid reader again. When I was in eighth grade I made a goal of reading 100 books in one year. I made it up to, I think, 87 by the end of the year. Then, miffed that I hadn’t reached my goal, it took me another year to round out those last 13 books.

I did almost nothing but read all through high school. I was the only kid in my class who actually read Bleak House when we were supposed to be reading Bleak House, and I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of the classics, and I’d leave the library with stacks of books whenever I got the chance.

When I got to college I still loved to read, but I had less and less time for it as the years went on. Somewhere along the way I got really, really out of practice.

I blame my lost love of reading not on college, but on the internet. Or, more accurately, on my lack of willpower where internet usage is concerned. As wonderfully informative and enlightening as the internet can be, more often it becomes somewhat of an intellectual black hole for me. I head to a cozy spot, all ready to settle down for a good hour of reading, deciding just to check my email for one minute real quick…not realizing that I’m teetering on the edge of the event horizon of mindlessness. Before I know it, I’ve spent an hour or two reading comments to an article about Miley Cyrus’s new tattoo, and my entire chance to better my world has somehow cruelly slipped out from under me.

So I have decided to wean myself from my internet surfing habits, and devote myself to the pursuit of things I used to love. In order to make the transition, I’ve been remembering just what components make for a successfully avid reading session. Of course, you need a cozy, quiet spot; comfortable clothing; snacks, preferably chewy but not too unhealthy; a good beverage; adequate lighting; a reading buddy if appropriate; a writing utensil for taking notes; and, of course, a good chunk of time.

It’s also important to take into account your reading style. I tend to be a kinesthetic learner, so I may need to walk around while I’m reading, or sit in a rocking chair or on a porch swing. This is also why I have my pen and my snacks handy. The more fidgeting I can direct to other parts of my body, the better I will be able to keep my eyes and my mind focused on the page. I’ve also found that reading out loud can help me to absorb the language and the meaning, so having a private place to read can be important.

I think the biggest thing for me will be, simply, getting back into the habit. It takes a certain mindset to be able to sink so deeply into a narrative that you don’t want to come out of it. That you would rather stay up till 4am than not finish the next chapter, and the next, and the next…I can’t even remember the last time that I was that kind of a reader! But, if I really put my mind and heart into it, and am willing to take the plunge, I think I might, I just might be able to devote myself to becoming a reader again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a stack of books to attend to, and some websites to avoid.


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Seven tree trunks in Broad Ripple Park.

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