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Last week I had the opportunity to fly to Oregon to visit with family. I brought along my trusty Nikon Coolpix S6800 because I knew there would be no end of photo opportunities in what is arguably the most beautiful and ecologically diverse state in the country.

It didn’t take me long to realize that my little camera was no match for Oregon’s sweeping landscapes. Every time I tried to capture the stunning views of picturesque barns nestled among rolling pastures and pine forests, I was invariable disappointed in the results. Even the photogenic coast couldn’t be captured satisfactorily. I can’t fault the camera, though: any image is no match for the experience of seeing the beauty of the place in person.


What I did end up capturing were just a few of the many details that combine to make Oregon the spectacular environment that it is. And when it comes to detail, my little Coolpix is king.

This friendly traveler was pleased to pose with an ocean backdrop, but I think he was disappointed when we didn’t offer a tip.


Another coastal visitor is unaware of being photographed, but creates a great view nonetheless.


Amazingly, these barnacles can be heard, clicking and clacking, living and breathing, even above the constant roar of the tide.


Perhaps one of my favorite characteristics of Oregon: there is no shortage of amazing trees everywhere you look.




Photo by Theresa Brown.

Photo by Theresa Brown.

The coastal life is nothing less than profuse.


I feel as though I could spend a lifetime trying to capture Oregon’s details, and it would never be enough to portray the wonder of the place. You just have to see it for yourself.


Until next time…


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New Thoughts

It’s been awhile.

Lately I have been idly considering taking up this whole blog idea again. It’s been some time since my thoughts have tended toward things I might actually want to share. (You can be assured, my private journal has not wanted for activity. By my estimates, it has grown by more than 85,000 words in the past 365 days.)

Of all days, today I decided to look up my old forgotten wordpress account and see if inspiration might strike. As coincidence would have it, today marks one year to the day since my last post, and the last time I felt whole enough to share a piece of my world. I wasn’t even sure if I still knew my password.

A year can be an amazingly long time. Worlds can shift. Mine has.

If I haven’t written in the past year, it is not for lack of having experienced anything. In the past year, I decided I wasn’t the marrying type after all, and soon after lost the relationship that meant everything to me (and sometimes still does feel that way). I left the house I thought I would like to live in forever, and I left behind my beloved neighborhood, and half my animals. Needless to say, things were rough for a while. As a consolation prize I decided to return to school and try again for that vet school thing, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I had far too much on my 31-year-old plate to get enthusiastic about memorizing heaps of expensive though useless information. Even workplace misunderstandings almost took away from me a job that I enjoy, doing work that I love. As a daughter, I have finally had to face the concept that my parents are not perpetually 47- and 48-years old, as I imagine them to be, but will naturally begin to require some measure of support as they age. I am starting to feel that this whole adulthood thing is harder than I have thought it has been for the past 13 years.

Nevertheless, some things extremely positive have bloomed from all of this. One of them is that, after lately having passed through a few romantic non-starts, I can now admit, for the first time in my adult life, to being happily single.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, I know, but for me it really, truly is. I haven’t let myself be single for much at all of my adult life, and the few weeks I can attribute to romantic independence were very far from being considered happy. And yet, here it is: I love living alone. I love doing my own thing. I love being responsible, quite completely and thoroughly, for my own moods. It may sound absurd, but I love going to bed alone, and waking up alone, and in the meantime I can sit up at any hour of the night and turn on my light to read. I love paying all the bills. I love the silence. I love experiencing outings for what they are, rather than as something to do with someone else. At long last I seem to be settling comfortably into my own skin, and into my own introverted nature. I feel like a different person from what I was a year ago, and I feel like a much more complete person at that.

Perhaps this all comes across as too much intimate information, though I think back to my first blog entries when I aspired to the appeal of openness, and my desire to get a little bit out of my head and into type for whomever might like to read it. As part of this realization of contentedness in my new lifestyle, I’d like to get back into the habit of foisting my meandering thoughts and opinions onto the worldwide web. You are welcome to read it if you like, though I can’t promise anything of any value to anyone other than myself.

And I think that’s just about right.


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