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I’m going to be taking a digital vacation for the month of April. That is, I’m going to be stowing away my laptop and focusing on other hobbies and interests for those 30 days. I have been spending far too much time staring at screens lately, and I need a chance to get away and let my mind wander. I need to chase down a little inspiration, and breathe some life back into this existence of mine. One can gather a lot of dust while sitting in front of a computer screen.

But before I go, I would like to post some final late-winter images before the world explodes with green growing things. The promise of a fresh start continues to creep up ever so slowly…

sycamore grove weed flowers new raspberry canes seedlings emerge DSCN2402

See you in May!

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Rambling Robins


Today’s photograph was captured by Jeff, and shows evidence of one of many robins who flew in for their summer vacation yesterday, and are now left hopping about in the snow, searching in vain for a tasty morsel. I’m sure the little guys can fend for themselves, and they don’t look too miserable running around in the winter storm, but I do worry about their fate in the several inches of snow that is predicted to fall overnight. I hope they can manage to find a nice warm place to sleep.

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If you live in Indiana and haven’t already started your indoor seedlings, now is the perfect time to start! We are about 6 or 7 weeks out from our last expected frost date, so it’s time to give your tomatoes a head start.

I headed out for some seed starting supplies this afternoon. With sunny skies and temps nearing the 50s, I had to get some gardening done before winter storms come again. Since the stores no longer sell my preferred Jiffy peat pellets (and my online order was never delivered) I had to settle for the newfangled Burpee seed starting kits that seem to be popular now. I can’t say that I am a fan at all. For one, they are not self-contained like the convenient Jiffy pellets. For another, you have to have the Burpee pellets oriented correctly in their pots (flat side down), but as soon as you add water to them they start to float and, of course, roll into the completely wrong position and end up expanding into an awkward sideways lump that threatens to punch through the sides of the peat pot.

Anyway. That’s my rant for the day. I don’t know why Burpee suddenly has a monopoly on seed starting supplies, but if you have a week to spare I would recommend ordering the Jiffy pellets online.


I also seized the opportunity to begin my early spring crops out in the makeshift cold frame. The old windows seem to be doing the trick, as the soil inside the frame was quite warm at least two inches down. This will be perfect for germinating my first vegetables of the season.

DSCN2378Two rows each of radishes, carrots, and spinach are now nestled in their moist little bed, just waiting for the right moment to make their appearance. As you can see, the windows are doing a great job of locking all that humidity and sunlight energy inside where the seeds can use it. I can’t wait to see how things progress!


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We stepped out into the balmy air this morning to sunshine and birdsong. Runners and bikers populated the canal trail, and we had our first turtle sighting of the year! It was as if someone had flipped a magical switch saying, “Come on out, spring is here.”

Unfortunately, by noon the temps had dropped again, and we were driven back into the warmth of the house by biting winds and gloomy skies.

*sigh* Oh well.

Now all the kitties are curled up in fuzzy little piles, marking out all the coziest spots to bed down for a nap.

We will have to be content with hibernation for a little bit longer.


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Jerry-rigged Gardening

DSCN2242 I threw together a makeshift cold frame today, using some old storm windows that have been lying around in the garage. They fit almost perfectly over the existing bed, with enough space underneath to get some seedlings going before the weather turns for the better. 2013’s first cold season crop is coming soon!DSCN2238

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mystery bird

I’ve seen this guy (or girl?) hanging out on the canal during the past couple of weeks. I’ve looked through lists of Indiana water birds, and I still can’t figure out what it is! It has that weird little beak, it’s tiny compared to the Mallards, and it disappears under water for minutes at a time, popping up in the least expected places.

Any guesses?


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