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I didn’t make any money today. I didn’t get any painting done. I didn’t run any errands or do any housework or pay any bills today. But somehow it still feels like I got a lot accomplished.

I arrived early to the Cuddle Meeting.

I got some important research done.

I started my day with a balanced breakfast.

I engaged in important correspondence.

I photographed a friend.

I contemplated the yellowness of it all.

I stopped to smell the roses.

I made some abstract art.

I discovered a ghost ship in the mist.

I walked into a trap!

I appropriated a tomato.

I visited a real bees’ house. Luckily they were still sleeping.

I peeked in the windows of my dream greenhouse.

I rode up a grueling hill (yeah, that’s a hill, I promise).

I admired my photogenic steed.

I practiced scene appreciation.

And I decided that I live in the most wonderful place on Earth.

Not bad for a morning’s work!

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