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Last summer, while braving the tribulations of bottle-feeding fawns and fostering litters of opossums, I had a motto of sorts. It went something like this:

“Do what scares you most.”

My motto has served me well since I said my last reluctant goodbyes to the grabby juvie raccoons and the shrieking chimney swift nestlings. I had new fears to face.

I started joining clubs, and actually going to meetings and making verbal contributions. And eye contact. With much tremulation I dialed up an old family friend that I hadn’t seen in years and asked if I could start hanging out at his vet clinic. I decided I wanted to go for an internship at the zoo, so I found out the name of the volunteer coordinator, called her until she called me back, and asked her a barrage of questions simply so that my name might make a small impression in her mind when it came time to start looking through those applications.

The results? I’ve become an officer in two school-related clubs. I’ve logged over 50 shadowing hours (so far) with three different vets at the vet clinic. And I landed the zoo internship. Not bad for things that, quite frankly, scare the bejeesus outta me.


Earlier today, the aforementioned old family friend (owner of two clinics, manager of four veterinarians, and veterinary practitioner of who knows how many decades) placed his hand on my shoulder and said,

“I want to give you some advice. If something scares you, DO IT.”

I politely accepted his sage advice, and thought to myself,

Yeah, I know. But I like my version better.

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